Kids Party! An Online DJ Battle(Top 40 vs Throwbacks vs Hip-Hop)

Silent party for all ages

An event the entire family can live stream! It’s our online DJ battle, but for kids with clean music!

You will tune in to participate in the world’s only live online DJ battle. Just like a Silent Disco, there are 3 live DJs spinning to win your vote.

Using the interactive site, you can tap on the DJ you want to listen to. If you like what he/she is playing and doing, give them a thumbs up. You’ll be able to see all 3 DJs and who’s liking them. This allows you not to miss out when one of the DJs are killing it. Love a DJ? Make him/her your favorite and at the end of their performance will win a prize.

Use the chat box to and talk to other party-goers and the DJs. Request a song, ask them to dance, or give you a shout out… Tipping isn’t necessary, but they’ll appreciate it greatly.

Want to enhance your experience? Rent a pair of headphones and make it into a true silent disco party at home. Just click the headphone switch to toggle between the music/DJs just like if you were in the club. Rent Now

Love our glowing silent disco headphones? We sell bluetooth headphones that look just like them. You can pair these with your phone or computer.

Your 3 Live DJ’s are spinning:

DJ 1 (Green): Clean Top 40
DJ 2(Red): Clean Throwbacks
DJ 3 (Blue): Clean Hip-Hop


May 03

Kids Party! An Online DJ Battle(Top 40 vs Throwbacks vs Hip-Hop)


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Date And Time

  • Date: Sunday , May 03, 2020
  • Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT




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