A silent mobile dance party or subway silent disco combines elements of a flash mob, night club, and city tour all mixed into one incredible night. Wearing headphones playing two channels of non-stop party music and dancing every step of the way, you’ll hear yourself saying, “OMG, did we just do that?!”

What is a mobile silent disco or mobile silent party? It’s an event where people meet at a designated place and go a music-filled dance journey through the city with wireless headphones. You are in control of the volume and the type of music you want to hear. There are various genres of music available and Quiet Events offers multiple channels! Your Party Tour Guide/Emcee will lead you into a night full of surprise and adventure as you happen upon the unsuspecting onlookers.

Quiet Events offers a variety of mobile silent dance events, mobile silent discos, and mobile silent dance parties to spark some adventure into your life. Quiet Events brings the mobile dance culture to several cities including New York, Los Angeles, Orange County CaliforniaSan Francisco, and Austin Texas. and more!

Quiet Events is the premier silent dance event company in the world. Our silent mobile dance parties and silent mobile disco events give you a chance to meet cool people like you who looking for music and adventure. Being in control of the volume and the music makes it easy to meet and mingle. It also gives you a chance to show off your best moves, especially if you’re on a first date.

You can experience a subway silent dance party or mobile silent disco any time of the year. Space is limited, and tickets sell fast, so now is your chance to seize the moment. Attending a silent mobile dance party is a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience that you’ll never forget. Browse Our Events to find the perfect mobile silent dance event for you to meet and party with cool people. We have the perfect event waiting for you.

Now going on six years, Quiet Events has become the best silent dance event company in the world. Unlike other silent dance event companies, Quiet Events offers top-quality equipment and the finest customer service to its clients and guests.

We host a multitude of nightlife events. Visit our YouTube channel to see what it’s like to experience a silent mobile dance party as well as other silent dance events like a silent rave or silent disco. We also host silent corporate events, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding parties and more!

If you would like more information, please contact us at info@quietevents.com and one of our representatives would be happy to answer all your questions about the unique experience of hosting or attending a silent mobile dance party, silent disco, silent party, quiet clubbing, silent rave, or silent dance event.

Never been to a Quiet Clubbing Event? Watch our YouTube video to see what everyone is talking about.

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