Bar Crawl, Dance Party, and Flash Mob
all mixed into one incredible night!

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Vegas Bar Crawl & Dance Party

NY Bar Crawl & Dance Party

Subway Dance Party

Brooklyn Bridge Dance Party

Love to drink, dance, laugh, sing, and have one incredible time?  That’s what you can expect on our bar party crawl.  We make the journey of getting to each bar exciting, entertaining, and an experience that will make your friends jealous when you Snapchat and post to IG.

How does it work?

Upon checking in at the first bar with our team of party experts you’ll be provided special glowing headphones that can be switched into two different channels playing a wide range of music to get your groove on.  It’s like being at your own personal VIP club.

The crawl gets started when your party expert gets on a microphone that only those with headphones can hear.  The party expert will be your guide, comedian, DJ, and MC throughout the night.  The fun begins once you’re on your way to your next bar…

The total party is around three hours which includes 30 minutes at each bar to “rehydrate” and prepare for the next journey until we end up at the bar we started at.

What to expect?

  • Dancing! As we walk between each bar it will be hard not to bust out a few of your killer dance moves.
  • Laughing! Your guide will be saying stuff about onlookers and making them do things that will have you saying OMG!
  • Drinking! The party includes 3-4 bars on our way around the city.
  • Shenanigans! This is the best part of the party. Our guide will have you doing flash mob dances, singing group songs, and also messing around with everyone without headphones.
  • Super Social! You’ll quickly find out that you’ll make friends around you because only those with the headphones understand the jokes and why it’s so much fun.
  • Being Safe & Respectful – We call it controlled chaos.

What you should know?

  • Min Age: You’ll have to be of legal drinking age to enter bars
  • Max Age: Haha… none! If you can walk, you will want to be a part of this!  We have friends and families from 18 to 70+ joining us!
  • Wear comfortable sneakers/shoes: There’s a lot of walking and dancing between bars.
  • Dress Appropriately: No dress code. We may be outside, so dress for the weather.

Want more information?

Because this is like nothing you have seen before, you may have more questions.
We also offer private party crawls so it would only be you and your friends.